Scottsdale Senior Living at It’s Finest: Where Health, Happiness & Wellness Converge

Westminster Village retirement community in Scottsdale, Arizona takes a holistic approach to our residents’ health and wellness with a focus on mind, body and spirit. Learn more about the opportunities to explore lifelong learning, inspire personal connection, deepen creative expression and elevate physical movement at our Life Plan Community.

Living a Healthy Life Together

Residents at Westminster Village have full access to comprehensive health and wellness programs. Our fitness instructors design their classes for all activity levels, so all residents are encouraged to participate comfortably.

Beyond fitness classes, our team offers physical, occupational and speech therapy as well as licensed home health support, hospice and palliative care so residents can transition through each stage of care with the same family of caregivers.

Our broad array of residential and health care programs and services are intentionally designed to engage, nurture, enrich and inspire residents in every aspect of their lives.

Happiness is Best Shared with Friends

Warren Buffett once said, “Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” The forward-thinking kindness and care of residents, staff and families are what make Westminster Village such a special place to call home.

85% of new neighbors are referred to Westminster Village by friends. Once part of the Life Plan Community, the Ambassador Program connects residents with new neighbors to help foster the sense of community and belonging by helping them get acquainted with the campus and all its amenities.

“I met my best friend at Westminster Village. We enjoy knitting and eating together, and we are planning a trip to Italy together!” — Bev H.

There are countless opportunities for residents to read, explore, play or participate in things that make them smile. The best part – each activity or event is a chance to celebrate life and laugh with close friends. (Bonus: great food is usually involved!)

Residents at Westminster Village are generous and kind – the perfect combination for happy hearts and lasting friendships.

“I chose Westminster after touring numerous places because the residents were always happy and smiling when we visited. This was the only place we went to that the people were so friendly!” — Julius A.

Wellness – Keeping the Mind Healthy & Happy

The special team of professionals at Westminster Village deliver exceptional care and personalized attention, with an emphasis on wellness that meets the physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs of our residents.

Our culinary program beautifully serves great food made with fresh ingredients that brings friends together in our popular dining venues. Our holistic approach to health means residents can participate in numerous activities or events around the 16-acre campus that meet more than one need – physically, socially, emotionally or mentally – at a time.

The uplifting atmosphere of inspired living at Westminster Village enhances the independence, dignity, health and happiness of the human spirit.

“I love the location, size, and the homey atmosphere. When I toured the facility, I knew immediately this was home.” — Beth H.

Join the community at Westminster Village and pursue your passion for optimal health, happiness and wellness with new and lasting friends!