Livable Luxury

Livable luxury retirement communities offer seniors a unique balance between the high-end amenities and services they want and the comfort and affordability they need. A comfortable and stylish living environment with access to all the services and amenities residents need to live a fulfilling and independent life is exactly what Westminster Village provides. The community offers a range of living options, from independent living apartments to assisted living and elevated assisted living, ensuring that residents have access to the care they need, as they need it. Westminster Village provides a “come as you are” atmosphere, yet offers all the high-end amenities and services needed to live both practically and luxuriously.

The top five features of Westminster Village in Scottsdale, Arizona are:

Luxurious living spaces: Residents can choose from a range of beautifully designed apartment homes, some boasting patios that fold into the natural features around campus that make Westminster Village an oasis in the Sonoran Desert. The luxury senior apartments vary in size and include opportunities to customize various features.

A wealth of amenities: Westminster Village offers residents access to a wide range of amenities, including fitness and wellness classes, an outdoor pool, three on-site restaurants, and much more. The community also boasts an all-in-one infotainment system that combines community-wide TV, internet, and phone services tailored to residents’ needs.

Active and engaging community: Westminster Village is inspired by nature to bring people together and connect in community. Our monthly activity calendar is always filled with engaging social gatherings and events that promote mental, physical, spiritual, and psychological health.

Maintenance-free living: Westminster Village offers maintenance-free living. Residents at our luxury retirement community don’t have to worry about tasks such as mowing the lawn, cleaning gutters, or fixing broken appliances which gives them more time to focus on the things that matter like their mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

High-quality healthcare: Westminster Village provides a continuum of care and lifelong reassurance only found within a non-profit organization. Whether living independently but recovering from an injury or needing assistance with activities of daily living, our special team of professionals deliver exceptional care and personalized attention, with an emphasis on wellness that meets the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs of residents.

By striking a balance between fancy and approachable, Westminster Village in Scottsdale, AZ, provides residents with the best of both worlds. Residents can enjoy luxurious living spaces, a wealth of amenities, and a supportive and active community, all while receiving the care they need even if their needs evolve over time. Westminster Village is an excellent choice for seniors who want to live life to the fullest in a resort style environment.