Continuing the Legacy — Heartfelt Contributions from Marilyn Wurzburger

In our beloved Westminster Village, we have been blessed with the presence of many caring and wonderful residents, each contributing their unique essence to the tapestry of our community. Among these remarkable souls, there shines a beacon of compassion and dedication—Marilyn Wurzburger. Since 1997, Marilyn has not only been a cherished member of our community but also a tireless advocate for our shared values of unity, support, and giving.

Marilyn is not just a resident; she is a cherished board member who dedicates her time, energy, and heart to the well-being of our community. Her commitment to supporting Westminster Village knows no bounds, and she takes great pride in contributing in both big and small ways. Her unwavering dedication extends to our fundraising gatherings, where her presence is a testament to her belief in our shared mission.

In the upcoming Celebration of Giving, an event that fuels our endowment fund and sustains the dreams of countless residents and employees, you will find Marilyn at the forefront. Her passion for giving back to our community has inspired many, and her impact is felt far and wide.

Several years ago, Marilyn put her thoughts into words, beautifully articulating the importance of giving in a way that resonates with all of us. We are honored to share her heartfelt reflections with you, for they capture the essence of why she gives to Westminster Village and why our community is all the richer for her presence. So, as we gather to celebrate the spirit of giving and the legacy of Marilyn’s generosity, let her words remind us of the profound difference one person can make when they give with an open heart.


Why do I give to Westminster?
Let me count the ways…

I’ve become an “orphan” now,
No family to call my own.
But here I’ve been “adopted”
By new friends by whom I’m now known.

I felt welcome from the beginning,
Warm smiles are part of the plan.
Without any ritual hazing,
I’m now a member of a new “clan”
Called the Westminster Folk.

Westminster will be my home,
For as long as I can foresee,
Where we strive to keep our minds active,
Lifelong learning and fellowship are key.

Whenever we plan to meet with friends,
We often share stories with others.
In addition to all our activities,
We’re still free to indulge our “druthers.”

Life is what you make it!
Westminster is my home of choice.
Thus, I support its mission,
And I will raise my voice
In support of the Endowment Fund,
Which steps in to meet special needs,
Sometimes a mission of mercy,
In addition to performing good deeds.

We all share this journey together,
Not knowing for sure where it leads.

Marilyn Wurzburger
Westminster Village Resident