The Card Ladies Awarded “Volunteer of the Year” for Fundraising Efforts Benefitting Westminster Village Senior Living Community

Lovingly known as “The Card Ladies”, Westminster Village resident Bev Wiggins and her team of fellow volunteers have been making and selling greeting cards to benefit the Scottsdale retirement community for the past 8 years, raising over $46,000 so far.

The Story Behind Westminster Village’s Card Ladies

This volunteer group was formed by residents Bev Wiggins and Nadine Collins in July 2015. “We wanted to do something for residents, but also to benefit Westminster Village,” said Bev Wiggins.

To begin their operations, they repurposed donated, previously enjoyed greeting cards into new cards. “We asked residents to send us their cards instead of throwing them away, so that we could sell those cards and donate the proceeds to Westminster Village’s fundraising efforts,” said Wiggins.

A few years ago, fellow resident Loretta Sawyer jumped in to help the efforts. She is now a card-making expert and helps organize the group alongside Bev.

Unique Greeting Cards Supporting Westminster Village’s Mission

The Card Ladies offer a variety of greeting cards, such as Birthday, Get Well, Thinking of You, Encouragement, Holiday, Sympathy, Wedding, Anniversary and blank notes, for sale each week.

The Wednesday card sales are so popular, residents often wait patiently in the Post Office Lobby, ready to buy greeting cards. They want to be the first in line to get “the best ones” and usually walk away with ten or more cards in hand. Residents aren’t the only ones who love the cards — Westminster Village employees line up to purchase cards each week, too.

“Everybody likes [receiving] a card, you feel special and important,” said Maeghan Borrego, Vice President of Human Resources for Westminster Village. “Especially when it’s a handmade card – you feel even more special!”

Resident Artists & Crafters Enhance Westminster Village’s Card Sales

What’s more, it’s a community effort. Over the years, various resident crafters and artists have contributed their talents to make unique cards for the Wednesday sales. Luiza Rodriguez and Loretta Sawyer have submitted photographs of their paintings for greeting cards, and Bob Miller’s ink drawings of Westminster Village’s very own African Tortoise, Bruno, have also made an appearance.

Recently, one of Westminster Village’s newer residents, Frank Hill, began donating his quilted cards, and Ellen Stevens started making bookmarks as her way to contribute to the sale.

Westminster Village’s Card Ladies Named “Volunteer of the Year” By LeadingAge Arizona

Tireless dedication and unwavering commitment to making a difference have earned Bev Wiggins and the Card Ladies of Westminster Village the esteemed honor of being named LeadingAge Arizona‘s “Volunteer of the Year” in May 2023.

This award serves as a testament to the selflessness and compassion they have consistently displayed throughout their years of volunteer work. By engaging in heartfelt interactions at their weekly sales, the Card Ladies have touched the lives of countless individuals, bringing joy and companionship to those in need.

“People come by, and we chat. It’s a wonderful social gathering,” said Wiggins. “We can help select just the right card for people with failing eyesight, or those who can’t get out to buy a card.”

The Card Ladies’ contributions have not only enriched the community of Westminster Village but have also inspired others to join their cause, fostering a culture of compassion and service in the community that will continue to flourish for years to come.

Card Sales Benefit Westminster Village & Support a Not-for-Profit Community

Through the card sales, this volunteer group has donated almost $46,000 to Westminster Village — as well as countless hours of their time and talent — to help further the mission of giving back to residents as one of Arizona’s only not-for-profit retirement communities.

“The really great thing about their group is that it outreaches to the community. It goes beyond us here at Westminster Village,” said Borrego. “It shows how something so simple can have a great impact. It’s brought our campus closer together.”

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