A Naturally Beautiful Life Plan Community in Sunny Scottsdale and the Contributions of Three Award-Winning Residents

On top of being named Best of the Valley for the fifth year, three Westminster Village residents were recently recognized by our Board of Directors for their ongoing contributions to the community.

Dr. Nancy Davis, for her foresight in planting citrus trees that not only add to the lush landscape but also provide us with the joy of harvesting fresh fruits. Her vision aligns perfectly with our commitment to sustainability and self-sufficiency.

Dr. Kathleen Randolph, for her unwavering dedication to the Memorial Garden, Paradise Pet Park, and Elle’s Way. Through her efforts, these spaces have become sanctuaries of tranquility and fond remembrance for all.

Sara Hammond, for her passionate endeavor in planting vegetation to attract and support the majestic monarch butterflies. Her dedication to our local ecosystem is awe-inspiring and truly makes our campus a haven for biodiversity.

The combined efforts of these remarkable individuals have enhanced the allure of our campus and allowed us to cherish the essence of nature that surrounds us. We are grateful to have such caring and environmentally conscious members in our community.

Contact us today to tour our sustainably serene 16-acre campus nestled in the heart of Scottsdale, Arizona. Westminster Village is naturally the place you’ll want to call home!

(Left to right: CEO Tom Winkelman, Award Recipients; Dr. Nancy Davis, Dr. Kathleen Randolph, Sara Hammond, and Board Member Marilyn Wurzburger)